Academics and Arts

Apparently in schools, the department and their classes focus mostly on scientific and mathematical fields. Art forms are simply neglected and treated as minor fields of study, which is bad news to those who can only do better at doing arts than Mathematics and Sciences. Although creativity can also be supported by these “major fields”, schools in my honest opinion should give an equal amount of attention to art forms as such are given. Those whose capabilities are centered in art forms work and think just as hard as those who are academically inclined.

Visual arts are a representation and an illustration of an individual’s perception of everything. It maybe monochromatic, or it may involve every existing color to complete a visual artwork. Nevertheless, it is a method of expression more sophisticated and meaningful than words could ever have done.

Dancing is a visual art form, which involves body movements and music. It is used for interpretation and entertainment. Music is an art form as well, and it plays a huge role in the development of consciousness.

There could have been more of an importance given by arts if given a chance. However society are spending more time and money for skills that can wait rather than honing on talents. I would love to see more in the global population making an effort to maximize the space there is for arts and give beauty of our minds a chance.

-Kapsoulou and Andreou


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